Parenting from the Inside Out

Parenting From The Inside Out is a new 6-week webinar based on the timeless wisdom of the Torah and taught by Rabbi Shais Taub. Rabbi Taub guides participants to discover the deep, fundamental qualities of great parenting they already possess, but which often lie untapped. This course is deigned to give every participant the tools they need to grow because it's never too late to improve the relationship between a parent and their child. By tuning in to this more spiritual mindset, participants learn to harness their power as parents, recognize the inherent worth of every child, and tap into the unbreakable bond between parent and child.

A mother who already participated in the webinar had this to say: "I highly recommend this class for every Jewish parent. It deepened and clarified my perspective on my role as a mother, the values I am looking to teach, and the tools I choose to use on a daily basis. The class shares profound wisdom for parents of children at any age."

Another shared the following: "I gained insurmountable insight and and knowledge from this class. Too many 'aha moments' to list! I only wish that I took this course when my kids were little. The good news though, is that I’m learning that even though my kids are older, it’s never too late to utilize this timeless parenting wisdom."

Lesson 1
Your Identity as a Parent: An exploration of the spiritual dimension of being a parent, along with the responsibility and possibility of parenting.

Lesson 2
The Identity of Your Child: Continuing the discovery of Lesson 1, we now turn our focus to the spiritual potential of our children, and how we harness and reveal their inherent, infinite worth.

Lesson 3
Values: The role of values in empowering our children to grow, reveal their potential and live with purpose.

Lesson 4
Bonding: The power we possess to connect and bond with our children, using this closeness as the channel to instill our values.

Lesson 5
Giving Space: The flip-side to bonding, how recognizing our children's independence affirms their strengths and imparts resilience.

Lesson 6
Positivity: A practical approach to using the power of positivity to guide our children.
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There will be two webinars, a women's group followed by a men's group, each lasting 6 weeks.

Women's Webinar
Date: Thursdays, May 6 - June 10
Time: 8:30-10:00 PM ET

Men's Webinar
Date: Thursdays, June 17 - July 22
Time: 8:30-10:00 PM ET

Cost for registration is $195.