Fresh Start Podcast

Dr. Kenneth M. Adams: "Addiction as Intimacy Disorder"

Dr. Kenneth M. Adams talks to Rabbi Shais Taub about topics including addiction as an intimacy disorder; the negative cycle of shame in addiction particularly in religious communities; and how the last "spiritual assignment" of the parent is to allow their adult children to shift loyalties from their family of origin to the family they are building with their spouse.

Dr. Adams is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT), a CSAT supervisor, and CSAT training facilitator as well as an EMDR practitioner. Dr. Patrick Carnes, internationally recognized expert on sex addiction, wrote the following in his review of Dr. Adam's first book, Silently Seduced: “Ken Adams, is one of those rare combinations of competence as a writer, clinician, and researcher. This book is developing a loyal readership fast, which is probably because Ken is one of the more astute observers of the connections between shame, abuse, and sex addiction.”

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